Monday, December 06, 2010

The Lips.

When us girls do our makeup, we almost always pay the most attention to the eyes and the lips takes the back seat. The lips are very important in completing a makeup look as it ties the look together. In order to achieve a beautiful pout its always a benefit to know what lip shape you have are and how to complement it. And if you have an issue with your lips how to correct it.

Thick lips a la Angelina Jolie are gorgeous with darker tones such as plums and reds and more neutral tones. Bright colours should be avoided at all cost, as it will make the lips appear even larger. To make the lips appear smaller, block out the lips with foundation and redraw the lip line with a dark lip liner and fill in with a dark lipstick.

Thick upper or lower lips can cause havoc when trying to achieve a beautiful pout. Its easily corrected by blocking out the lip with foundation, and if the lip is larger on the top re draw the new lip line with a darker liner inside the natural line of the lips to even out the lips.

Thin lips are a nightmare for some lipstick wearers (including myself) as we can never wear dark lipstick without it looking like our lips have disintegrated into nothing-ness. Instead choosing bright colours or pearlised colours will make the lips appear larger. If you want to make the lips appear naturally larger block out the lips with foundation and re draw a line slightly outside of the natural lip line and fill in with a natural lip colour. If your mouth is just smaller, extend the lip line slightly at the corners of the mouth to elongate the lips and to make them appear larger.

Uneven lips is the most common issue people have with their lips, but fortunately its so easy to correct. Simply, re draw the natural lip line with a lip liner and match up the two side, and then apply lipstick.

Lines, as we grow older we develop small lines around the mouth especially if your a smoker. To avoid bleeding lipstick and to minimise the appearance of the lines, re draw the natural lip with a lip liner and apply a cream matte lipstick to the lips.


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  1. I've been having issues with trying to even out my lips for ages now! My top lip is bigger and uneven from one side to another.

    Does my head in! But I'm gonna try your tips here tomorrow and see how I fair.