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Hey Ladies,
So we all know the most desired thing with make up is to have flawless skin. Flawless skin is something we all want, but very little of us have. As I'm still quite young I still have alot of problems with my skin, breakouts, redness etc. I've tried and tested many many many different foundations but one thing I never took into account was the consistency and different types of foundations that can help different skin types.
For those of you who don't know each make up company has multiple ranges of foundation that is tailored for a different skin type and has various property's which help the skin. One of the hardest things is choosing the right shade for your skin, a way to test for a matching foundation is by putting a small amount of different shades on the jaw bone, blending them in lightly and seeing which one matches the best. Some brands also have labels to their foundations such as MAC e.g. NC and NW. Most people like to go for MAC foundations and can never tell which label to go for.

C-Cool skin tone suitable for Olive, Tan and ethnic skin such as Asian skin.
NC- Neutral cool skin tone suitable for golden beige skin such as olive or tan such as Italian or Spanish
N- Neutral skin tone suitable for Beige skin such as paler skin tones, People who have more of a Ivory or Porcelain skin.
NW- Neutral warm skin tone suitable for Pink beige skin tones such as typical Irish skin.
W- Warm skin tone suitable for "Pinker" skin tones.

Personally I'm NW15 or N15 as I am quite pale, but I rarely use MAC foundations on my skin as it doesn't agree with me. My favourite all time foundations are L'Oreal True Match Foundation in N1 Ivory or Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 in 0 Porcelain. I like these foundations as they give me great coverage but allow my skin to breathe. Also when I set them with a powder it lasts for quite a long time. Although the Bobbi Brown one is quite expensive but it is worth it but, on the other hand the L'Oreal one is super cheap and they have such a large range of foundations that it suits most skin tones really well, now that's what I call bang for your buck!

I think it might help some people to list the consistency of different foundations so you could see how it might be able to help your skin.

Liquid- It begins wet to the touch but dry on the skin, its matte so its good for oily skin when set with a powder. It can also give a "dewy" finish.
Cream- It begins wet to the touch and feels creamy on the skin, it gives more coverage than liquid and is good for normal/dry skin.
Mousse- It begins wet to the touch but dry on the skin, it doesn't give very good coverage, would be suitable for normal skin or people who like little makeup, think Rimmel Sun Shimmer.
Powder- Dry powder that sets matte on the skin and is good for most skin types but especially oily skin. It gives medium coverage.

Another popular product similar to foundation is Tinted Moisturiser. For people who have really good skin or people who don't like to wear alot of foundation, or like the more natural look. This is a moisturiser which has a hint of foundation to it to give a light coverage on the skin, and to even out the skin tone. A really good tinted moisturiser is Laura Mercier, which is liked by quite alot of people in the YouTube Beauty Community.

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