Thursday, January 06, 2011

Skin Tones,

Hey Ladies,
So here's the deal, there's three main skin tones and many people don't know which one they fit into. *Ahem* I'm talking about the girls who walk around TANGO'D! Excuse my anger there, but I find it really irritating when people don't embrace their own skin tone and use products to suit it. I'm gonna do a quick break down of the three tones to give some people insight into what their tone is.

  • Olive, Warm, Tan skin tones
  • Thicker skin which means it doesn't burn easily or isn't overly sensitive
  • No freckles
  • Oily
  • No transparency or broken capillaries
  • Italian/Spanish type of skin
  • Pale, Cool skin tones
  • Thinner which it burns much easier
  • Transparent, sensitivity and prone to damage
  • Broken capillaries and under eye circles are seen easier
  • Freckles
  • Typical Irish skin tone
  • Paler, Ivory or Porcelain skin tones
  • No freckles
  • No colour on chest or arms such as redness to tell a colour
  • No warmth in the skin
Skin tones can be a mix of two such as Pink/Neutral. But pink will never mix with yellow.

I hope this helped a little bit.


  1. That's a great little post. I think I might be pink/neutral which would explain a lot!

    I always have trouble trying to find the right tone of lipstick and blush to suit me without washing me out or looking off key!


  2. Thank you :)
    Yeah I was the same, some foundations never suited right always looked rather orangey :) I'll try pull a post together over the weekend with blush and lipsticks too :)