Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Corrective Contouring.

Hello Ladies,
Today's post will be all about corrective contouring. Contouring is used to change the shape of the face to make it look thinner, shorter etc. Its easier to think contouring as a belt, if we put a belt around out waist it will draw it in and give us a slimmer or hour glass appearance, we can also apply this to makeup. If you have a large round face, contouring under the cheek bones will make the face appear thinner.

Similarly contouring the forehead will make it look smaller and contouring along either side of the nose will make the nose look thinner and even longer. Marylin Monroe is a great example that comes to mind when thinking of contouring, she contoured her face strongly to have that perfect shape. She contoured under her cheekbones, her temples, along either side of her nose and along her jawline. She also contoured under the nose, on either side of the tip to give a smaller more "button" nose.

Another important thing to note when contouring is.... where we shade we must highlight. If we do not highlight the face looks very flat and less 3D. It can also make you look as if you are sick, and we don't want that now do we.

I'm gonna go through how to contour every face shape in a generic way so we can all be beauties :) If you do not know what face shape you are you can read my post on that here and then pop on back and give this another gander :)

But, firstly what do you use as a contour? Good question, there are many things on the market for contouring. You can use a multitude of things but I would recommend using things such as bronzing powders or a foundation two shades darker than your skin tone. I would always choose a matte powder for contouring as shimmer doesn't look as good, remember contouring is to give the illusion that the face is thinner, smaller...etc. Now let's stop faffing about and get right on into it.

The first face shape I'm gonna talk about is Oval. Most people want an oval shape face, it is the most desired face shape universally. The typical way to contour this face shape is just to contour the temples and the cheek bones not forgetting to highlight above them too.

Face shape number two is Round, as the face is just a complete circle we can cut into that shape by contouring the cheekbones strongly. Contouring the temples and either side of the hair line will also make the face appear longer. Highlight along the orbital bone..... the bit above your cheek and under your temple if you didn't know.

The next face shape is...... da da dada da Square. Contouring a square face will give it a more round appearance, to do this you contour either side of the hairline and under the cheekbones. I would also recommend to highlight the chin to make it stand out more and the usual of highlighting above the cheekbones.

Oblong is the next face shape on the list. This is one of the only face shapes where you wouldn't necessarily have to contour the cheekbones, instead we shade along the hairline and the forehead, the chin and the jawline. Highlighting the cheekbones will give the face a more oval shape.

The next face shape is Heart, à la Naomi Campbell. This face can be easily corrected by contouring the either sides of the forehead and the chin. Not forgetting to highlight the jawline to give the face more dimension.

A Triangular face shape is next on my list. Shading the center of the forehead along the hairline and highlighting the temples will widen the forehead and shading the jawline will make it smaller, making the face be ....well..... less triangular.

The last but not least face shape is Diamond. Shading the center of the forehead along the hairline and highlighting the temples will give the forehead width, shading the chin and highlighting the jawline will give the jaw width too. This will balance out the forehead and chin making them more oval shaped.

And there you go, that is the basics for contouring. Every woman's best kept secret. In no way am I encouraging you all to change the shape of your face, by all means embrace it but we all like to try new things and like to look that little bit slimmer and more defined.

Some of my favorite products for contouring are Nars Laguna bronzer, Mac Matte Bronze, Benefit Hoola and on my own face Mac Harmony. Keep in mind your skin tone when choosing a contour color. My own preference is to use a shade two times darker than my skin tone but very lightly as I am quite pale and a very dark contour on me would be rather noticeable and wouldn't give me that, naturally like this look. Highlighters that I would recommend would be Nars Albatross, No.7 Skin Illuminator, Benefit High Beam and Mac Strobe Cream which you would apply before your foundation.

Hope that was helpful.
Stay posted.

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