Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hey Ladies,
Bringing the blog back to home, I thought I'd do a quick post on Laser. For the last six weeks I have been receiving skin rejuvenation treatments to calm the redness in my skin and to clear up all my problem areas. I was hesitant at first to get it done but as it is in my college, I can get it done free of charge as the other students are studying laser and they constantly need models.

The first day I went in, I only got a patch test done. The machine looks similar to the photo above. At first I thought that it was going to be very painful but to my surprise it doesn't hurt at all. The only part where it hurts is when the laser is placed over a problem area and is treated but the pain is very mild. It's comparable to someone flinging an elastic band at your skin.

After the treatment is finished it almost feels like your skin is tingling a little bit, it is extremely important to wear suncream as this skin is open for all of the bad UV rays from the sun. From then on i have been in every week to get my whole face and part of my neck treated. When the treatment begins the specialist will remove all of your makeup, place cotton pads and protective goggles over your eyes not to mention a beautiful hairnet on your head and completely covers your skin in a thick layer of Aloe Vera. Then the specialist will gently place the head of the machine on your skin, step on a pedal and there will be a flash of light. That's it and the area has been treated! The specialist will continue slowly around the rest of the face taking small movements each time to cover every area. This process can be repeated twice to give a greater result.

I think if you have problematic skin, which you have tried everything for and failed miserably laser is the way to go. Although it is very expensive and the results vary from person to person. My skin is still pretty bad and I have a feeling it will always just be this way and the only option left is roaccutane which can cause depression and other crazy side effects.....so no thanks.

Hope this gave you a little insight into the problems I have with my skin, I'd love to hear your stories and any remedies? Post a comment below it's that easy :)

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