Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The 12 Week Blow Dry

Hey Ladies,
As I said in a previous post I aim to post as much as I can, even if it means blogging while I'm on the move. Currently, I'm sitting like a sad person on the dart writing this here blog. Today's blog post is gonna be about the 12 week blow dry, or the Brazilian blow out, what ever you want to call it. Different salons call it different names. Basically this is a treatment where the hair is treated with keratin and becomes silkier and more manageable. My hair is naturally curly, frizzy and so hard to manage that I almost never do anything with it. But over the last year I have begun modelling for hair salons in the annual hair shows, which entails letting them do anything to my hair for free. I love modelling for the hair shows as my hair is always changing and new, it could be a different colour or shape. But the main reason why I love the hairshows is that I get the 12 Week Blow Dry done for free. Over the last year my hair has been an absolute dream.

The treatment begins by the stylist washing your hair thoroughly and after towel drying it well applying the serum to the hair. Once the hair is covered the stylist will either blow dry and then straighten the hair to perfection or just straighten it. The heat then activates the ingredients in the hair serum and the hair begins to straighten. After the product is in the hair, you leave it in for 3 days it's a horrible process, but the longer you leave the product in the better it works. You can't put your hair up or even put it behind your ear as it will leave a mark, unless absolutely necessary then the mark can be taken out by re straightening the hair.

When you return to the salon and the product is washed out of your hair the difference is unreal. My hair was completely straight no frizz and so so so soft. It's the kind of thing dreams are made of. But I must warn you that certain salons do not have this treatment and the ones that do could be harmful. The product contains formaldehyde, which means when the product is heated up by the straightner or blow dryer it releases gases. If these gases are inhaled you could have nose bleeds or headaches or over a long period of time you could develop lung or nose cancer. So take care when choosing a salon and make sure the product is safe.

The best thing for me about the treatment is the hairdresser always gives me this lovely shampoo that is pictured above. It smells so nice and it also has keratin in it so it leaves your hair so so soft. It's literally the best shampoo I've used but, I have yet to check the ingredients of it just to make sure it's not harmful. It's on the top of my to do list.

This photo is of when I hadn't got the treatment done for a while. Excuse the who nose I was in college haha :) but my hair is visibly more frizzy and coarse. It would have to be straightened constantly just to stay straight, and you can also see parts curling.

Whereas in this photo the hair is much smoother and straight. Only a few flyaway hairs can be seen but everyone has those. You can also see my hair sits in place and only need to be straightened once for it to be perfect.

I hope this gave good insight into what the 12 Week Blow Dry is like.

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