Saturday, April 02, 2011

Mini Haul

Hey ladies,
So the end if my college year is approaching which only means....exams. My exams mean I have to re think of lots of new looks. The main one is fashion photographic, which is basically a high fashion look that you would see in the likes of Vogue. For my look which I shall post pictures of after it's fully completed, I needed to find a red eye shadow and when I say red. I mean bright bright red which unsurprisingly is impossible to find. I tried high and low for a red eye show from pharmacies to high end brands....I found zilch. I would have gotten a red eye shadow from Illamasqua but they pulled out of Ireland due to bad sales.

Until I had the ingenious plan to travel all the way to Inglot. And here my loves is a little haul from that day. For my fashion look I had trekk out to find a red eyeshadow but unfortunately the red shadows were still too pink. So instead I opted for a gel liner in a cherry red and a really deep red blusher. It might sound mad but I think gel liner first then blusher. Boom perfection :)

I also picked up a four piece palette. I've wanted a palette for so long and getting one while I was there made the trip more worthwhile. For those that don't know, when you go into Inglot there is tonnes of different colour eye shadows, which can be purchased in pan form similar to mac. You can either have a square pan or a round pan and there is various palettes you can get to put the shadows into such as duos to ten piece palettes. It's a fantastic idea and it's really inexpensive. For a mac palette completely filled up it would cost around 200 euro. For an Inglot pallet of ten, super pigmented shadows it's like 45 euro.The only bad thing i have to say about the Inglot shadows is that everyone i know who has tried them doesn't thing they last very long on the eye. But with the use of primers and setting sprays they should last for a good night out.The gel liner which I picked up is a super pigmented red. I already have the black liner in my collection and when I say it lasts a long time and doesn't budge. I mean it. The thing is bullet proof. But in a good way. If you are thinking of purchasing this product, you will also need a good eye makeup remove.
Here's a few pictures and prices of the products I picked up.
Gel Liner in Number 79
Cost: €14

Blush in Number 66
Cost: €16

Freedom Eyeshadow 4 Piece Palette
Cost: €24

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