Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Small Haul....

Hey Ladies,
I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter and ate lots of yummy eggs. This Easter I was extremely sick so I couldn't have anything which was a shame but ah well there is always next year. Anyways back on subject, today is the 27Th of April and my end of year exams start on 3rd, so before exams kick in i had to pop to the shops and pick up some quick things i might need for them.

It's only a teensy haul for now but might as well express my opinions, in case someone might actually would like to know my opinion.

The first thing i picked up was some lashes. For each of the looks i do in my exam they all require to have false lashes so I went out and picked some suited to my looks. Firstly, I picked up some individual lashes that are for my bridal look. The lashes were €7.49 which is a good price as in the packet you get short, medium and long lashes. The lashes look like they will be good quality and like they will build up a natural looking lash line. Just what i needed :)

I also much prefer to wear individual lashes on a night out rather than strip lashes as i believe they look way more natural and my eye lashes are really long as it is so i only use them to build up volume.

The next look i bought lashes for is my fashion look inspired by the late great Alexander McQueen. For this look i am going to be using top and bottom lashes so i picked up to pairs that were dramatic but not so dramatic that they will take away from the eye makeup, because that really annoys me. The lashes are from Ardell which, if you watch the makeup gurus on YouTube you have seen quite regularly. I never knew they even sold them here so when i saw them in boots..... its safe to say i had a mild panic attack. The lashes only cost €6.69 a piece which is really good as they look as if they are great quality and really durable.

The next thing i bought was a mascara from Collection 2000. Similarly to the lashes, if you watch YouTube videos you will know this mascara from the Pixiwoo girls. This is the second time i have purchased this mascara i love it so much, it coats your lashes but makes them natural and thick but without all of the clumps. the only down side to this mascara is that it does dry out very quick but for €7.79 you just cannot go wrong.

I've only two more products to go.... next up is the 17 concealer. Ive heard rave reviews about this concealer from many blogs so when i was in boots i thought i would pick it up as i needed a new concealer. The colour is in Fair which is a teensy bit darker than my skin tone as i am super pale but that doesn't bother me. I haven't really used the product but when i decide my opinions on it i shall do another post and give my two cents.

Lastly but certainly not least is the Barry M Lip Paint in English Rose. Boots had a three for two offer on so i decided to pick up a new lip colour as i don't have that many in my kit. The colour is super pretty and natural. Perfect for a day time look. It is also a really creamy consistency. Ditto to the concealer i will use this product a bit more and then give a review as this is the first time i have used the product.

That is all for now, feel free to leave a comment.

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