Saturday, November 12, 2011

First Impressions:

Hi Ladies,
When I was away in August, I was in a chemist known as Macava which they sold Essence. Essence is a brilliant brand as everything is under €4, fantastic.

So when I was there I spotted some nail decals which I have been lusting after for forever. I really want the Sally Hansen nail decals but at the time they didn't sell them over here in Ireland. I picked them up anyways not expecting much.

I tried them today for the first time and I have to admit they are not too shabby, for the first couple of hours. Admittedly I had a bath shortly after applying them which means that they were ruined as the corners started to peel. The only other problem I see with these nail decals is that when you apply them it is quite difficult to get a perfect edge.

How to apply them:
You apply them by choosing the correct size decal for your finger and stick it on beginning at the cuticle. Then, fold over any excess of the decal and file away to remove it and get a perfect edge. Add a top coat if you wish.

I do believe that this product is fantastic for the price you pay (around €3) and comes in a range of patterns. But, I would only recommend this product for a night out rather than pro longed wear (put on after a shower/bath of course) as the corners begin to fold and it becomes quite irritating. Comparing these to the Minx nail decals which I have only ever had put on professionally they are good but not great as they don't last very long, and it says on the packet that they should last 5 days. Which for me, I applied a top coat on top but I took them off the following day.

Hope you enjoyed this little review.

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