Sunday, November 20, 2011

Second Time Lucky!

Hi Ladies,

This is the second time I have tried to upload this little haul. Hopefully second time lucky!

Recently, my friend Amanda had told me about her mam's friend who sold makeup from home. Me being sceptical me I thought it would have been fake MAC and the likes but I was surprisingly wrong. We took at trip around and with money at the ready I was looking for some bargains!

The woman had a whole room full of stuff for sale including regular pharmacy brands and also brands such as NYX which are so hard to get over here in Ireland. I squealed with excitement! I didn't take any photographs of the room as this was her home and that would be quite awkward and rude. but, none the less take a look at what I picked up.

 Firstly I got these two trio palettes from NYX in Aquamarine and Golden/Rust/Walnut Bronze, which are super pretty and I have already worn the reds already and these create beautiful looks and definitely make me want more NYX products!

 Then, I picked up this NYX single shadow in Platinum Pink which is a nude pink with a slight shimmer which is great for a neutral lid colour!

 Then, I saw this and I was puzzled. It is a loose pigment from Urban Decay in the colour Rockstar and it is bloody GORGEOUS! I can't wait to wear this out as it just glitters like black/purple diamond. The picture doesn't do it any justice at all, if you don't have this you need it!

I also picked up a mascara by L'Oreal that I had to throw out as I currently have an eye infection and didn't want to spread the contamination. I loved this mascara and I will definitely be re-purchasing this!

I also picked up this lipstick from NYX called Diva that is a beautiful nude shade.

The best part about this haul? I only spent 20 euro!

Do you have any of these products?

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