Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 10: 12 Days Of Nail Polish Christmas

Hey Ladies,

Continuing on the nail polish train, we have this beautiful shade next up on our list. Feast your eyes on "Glo Baby Glo" in the colour 001 from the uber cheap Penneys or Primark.This polish is perfect for someone who loves bright bold statement colours and it only costs an amazing 1.50euro, quite occasional you will find this on sale for 50c in the store. They have a small range of colours but each are very pigmented and cater to those that like darker colours also. This polish is also UV reactive which means if you wear it to a nightclub with the UV lights(the blue tones lights in bathrooms) it glows similar to that of a glow stick, which in my opinion is really cool.

This polish is a must have for anyone who collects nail polish, and as cheap as it is you would be mad not to buy it!
See you tomorrow!

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