Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 11: 12 Days Of Nail Polish Christmas!

Hey Ladies,
The next polish up on the list is more of a necessity when it comes to nails. It is on of the most raved about top coat in the beauty world... the one the only....Seche Vite. This topcoat helps nails dry in about a minute, even the really stubborn ones *Chanel polishes I am looking at you ahem*. I cannot recommend it enough, usually when I see you tube and beauty guru's rave about a product I don't really pay much attention because they are usually products you can only get if you live in the US.

Alas, they have come a bit closer to home with this one. If you go to your nearest Urban Outfitters you will find tonnes of these beautiful bottles on sale for about 16euro. A large amount of money but it will save you loads of time, if your like me and paint your nails two minutes before running out the door. There is no cons to this product which is a super bonus, but the smell of the polish is a bit strong so please use only in a well ventilated room or you will be as high as a kite.

Is there any topcoat you know that trumps Seche Vite?


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