Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 2: 12 Days of Nail Polish Christmas!

Hey Ladies,
This is the second last nail polish in this series and it is one of my favorite shades of nail polish. The One That Got Away is the limited edition from the Katy Perry collection for OPI and it is to die for!

The One That Got Away is a beautiful wine color with some fine glitter in it. Usually I don't go for glitter nail polishes as it takes forever to get off and is just a general pain but this color is so pretty it's worth the hassle. This polish cost €6 from Sally Salon Supply and even though it was limited edition you could get it after the collection was no longer available in normal pharmacy's! I'm going to be incredibly honest and tell you that I love to use this polish to mark my makeup brushes with as it is a nice contrast against the brush handle which is usually black (post coming soon on how to mark makeup brushes). I love wearing this polish to any kind of family even that involves older people as you get tonnes of compliments, older women love the wine shades. Especially my mother.


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