Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 6: 12 Days of Nail Polish Christmas!

Hey Ladies, 
This polish is perfect for any party you are going to over New Years. It's a gorgeous very finely glittered nail polish by H&M in the colour Wawawoom. With this polish you get more bang for your buck as it only cost 3.95euro and it is FANTASTIC. It is so pigmented and glittery and it lasts for a super long time on your nails. H&M are knocking it out of the park lately with they're nail polishes, they have a wide range of colours and they are all the cheap cheap price of just under 4euro. 

For Christmas I will be wearing this polish on my ring finger as a feature nail along with my new favourite polish St.Pancreas from Nails Inc. This polish is so perfect for party nails and will get you bucket loads of complements! Check out the blog in the coming days for a look featuring this look. When it is up I will link it on here so you can check back and have a look.

Check out the nail polish look here.


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