Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 9: 12 Days Of Nail Christmas

Hey Ladies,

On the 9th day of nail polish Christmas my true love gave to me.....a sparkly nail polish from Chanel.

I'm back today with another nail polish for you continuing on with the 12 Days Of Nail Polish Christmas! Today's polish is this beautiful gem from Chanel in the colour Blue Satin. This is undoubtedly my favourite nail polish of all time and when it first came out it was completely impossible to get, there was a waiting list. A WAITING LIST. But, shortly after it came out I went on holidays and found it in Spain for 19Euro.

Although the colour of this polish is absolutely beautiful and matches my pale hands perfectly, it takes hours for this to dry. You will need to use a fast drying top coat such as Seche Vite to make this dry quicker. Also, it is quite hard to get a good build up of colour, I usually have to do three layers before it begins to look decent. But you know what...I am in love with this colour so its worth it.

Do you think the Chanel nail polishes are worth the money?

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