Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Work Of The Devil

Hey Ladies,

We all love a bargain don't we, especially when it comes to the necessary items we use everyday that cost a fortune. For an example take cotton balls and cotton pads, we use them everyday and go through them quite quickly so when you see a bargain on these, your mad not to get it.

But, one bargain product that I wish I had never laid eyes on are the cotton balls from Penney's/Primark. They are literally the worst product ever. They absorb so much product such as eye make up remover so you have to use more than you wanted to. They also leave fluff all over you, don't even think about using these with cleanser to take off your foundation because you will use 7 balls and end up looking like dear old St.Nick!

Even though they are only 1euro they are so much hassle. I couldn't bring myself to throwing them out or passing them along to someone else. So...I restricted these to only use with nail polish remover.If you see these in the shop don't fall into the same trap that I did!



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