Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bridal Look

Hey Ladies,
I'm just back from my course and in today's class we were given time to catch up on looks we need to do. As I was sick when they did a bridal photo shoot, today I had a chance to re-do it. The model that I was given was lovely and super duper tall! But, I didn't get a before photo as I was in a bit of a rush. I chose a normal make-up look, with emphasis on good skin and a nice glow. As you can see I have given the face places of highlight to accentuation the features and give a bridal glow. Such as under the brow bone, the inner corners of the eye and the top of the cheek bones. I also chose a more neutral and glossy lipstick for this look, it puts more emphasis on the eyes with a neutral lip.

It looks like the model is naked... I assure you she is not.

 The hair for the photographs...

Once, we had done the bridal. We were told to darken the look up to create a black and white look, so I added a darker shadow to the crease, a stronger contour and a dark purple lipstick.

Hope you enjoyed.

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