Monday, January 16, 2012

Bubblegum Photo Shoot

So on Sunday as part of the ending of the make up course I have been doing for the last 12 weeks, we had an exam/photo shoot. The theme of the photo shoot was Bubblegum and was centred around bright colours and was very Nicki Minaj-esque. We were each given a colour to base out look on and the colour I got was green, so as you might have seen in my last post that I bought an Inglot palette for this look. I used yellow, green, teal and pink in my look to make it super bright and obnoxious.

Here is the final look....

This look was quite inspired by the Countdown video by Beyonce but with a few changes. I think it turned out quite well, especially for my first time doing something like this,

Here is some photos when we were on location for the shoot....

Hopefully in the end the photographer got some good shots despite the crappy weather.

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