Sunday, January 08, 2012

How To Mark Your Brushes

Hey Ladies,
There is nothing more annoying than when you go to someone's house and you get your stuff mixed up with theirs, or for the make-up people when you do a fashion show and someone takes your brush by accident. This really grinds my gears so when I started make-up college in 2010, I marked all of my brushes as the other 24 girls all had the same brushes as me and they would often go missing.

Today I am going to show you how to mark your brushes. Its super easy and only takes five minutes to do, depending on the amount of brushes you have of course.

Begin by gathering the things you need, masking tape, a noticeable nail polish, your brushes and something to create a ledge for your brushes to lean off of. The nail polish I am using for my brushes is The One That Got Away from the Katy Perry for OPI collection (check it out here).

 Taking a small piece of masking tape, wrap it around the handle of the brush tightly about one centimetre from the top.

 In that space cut off by the masking tape, apply the nail polish to the end of the brush. Making sure to cover the tip of the brush handle too.

 Once you have a good amount of polish on the brush, lay it down on a ledge with the wet polish end hanging over the side to dry. Leave it to dry over night to make sure that the polish drys in really well so it won't smear or smudge.

 This is all the brushes I have done as most of my brushes are already marked, including double ended brushes. You can apply a top coat to the polish to make sure it wont smear but I never do that as I give it loads of time to dry in.

 Once the polish is completely dry, peel back the masking tape and voilà your done.

I hope this is helpful.


  1. Such a brill idea! I've never even thought about marking my brushes before but I'll definatley have to give this a go.