Wednesday, January 11, 2012

De-Potting Lipsticks

Hey Ladies,
If you are a budding make-up artist student or do freelance artist this tip may be of great help to you. If like me you bring all your make-up to a job/shoot/class it gets very very heavy and you have a bazillion things in your bag. So, to cut down on some of the un-necessary packaging and to create less of a weight I have de-potted my lipsticks. I bought this little plastic palette from Muji and it only cost around 4euro. I keep two of these in my collection, one for MAC lipsticks and one for other lipsticks like Rimmel, Barry M etc.

 To depot your lipsticks you will need either a butter knife or a spatula, that has been disinfected. You will also need your container that has also been disinfected.
  Begin by cutting into the lipstick with the knife/spatula to remove the top. Once it has come away from the tube, drop the bullet into the container as you will need your spatula.

 Then, if you know MAC lipsticks they always have a load of product in the end of the tube that goes to waste if you don't know its there. So taking your spatula, dig the spatula down a side of the tube, then turn the spatula a little bit to the left to scoop out the product, it should just slide out. Then put it in the container with the rest of the bullet and smooth it down with the spatula.

 If there is any more lipstick left in the tube just scoop it out with your spatula.

 Then once that is done, take a label and write the name of the lipstick under neath the container so you know what it is. My sister is going to get me nice labels printed in work so I just use a piece of masking tape for now until the palette is full.

I find this tip really useful because your lipsticks are kept hygienically in a container that is easily transportable and super easy to clean. I am thinking about melting all of the lipsticks down so they don't move around, if I do I'll do a post on it!

Look out for an up coming post on what to do with those empty MAC containers.


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  1. Can u please put a link to the palette online thnsk