Tuesday, January 10, 2012

MAC Lipstick Haul

Hey Ladies,
Today I have a MAC lipstick haul. I am slowly increasing the amount of product I have in my kit and when people ask me what I wanted for Christmas I just say make-up because I need it to fuel a my kit. My boyfriend picked me up the MAC Viva Glam gift set which comes with two lipsticks in a MAC bag. I've wanted these for ages, I wanted to get them before they were discontinued. Lady Gaga designed both of these lipsticks and you can really see her style reflected in them. I will be putting up a post featuring the nude one tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Next up is this dark purple lipstick in the colour Cyber. The bf also picked me up this one as I had it before and my friend loved it used to borrow it all the time but between the two of us I haven't a breeze where it has gone. I love this lippie for really bold looks and night time. It's fab! Also, since I had some products for Back To MAC, if you don't know what that is there is a post coming soon! In exchange for those products I got this beauty of a lippie in the colour Plumful. MAC lipstick cost around 20 quid so it was a nice steal and a great bridal colour and it can be seen in my last post... here.

I have already de-potted Plumful and Cyber to show you how to store them, an upcoming post!
Hope you enjoyed.

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