Saturday, January 14, 2012

Water Marbling Nails

Hey Ladies,
Today I am going to share with you how to do water marbling. This technique gives great looking nails to those (like me) who is less able to do anything with their nails apart from slapping on some polish. It's a really easy thing to do and you only need an orange wood stick, some tape, a small glass of water (hot or cold) and a small range of polishes. The polishes I am using are ones which were featured in my 12 Days Of Nail Polish Christmas.

Let's get to it!

Begin get your necessities ready....

 Sally Hansen Extreme Wear polish in Blue It....

 Rimmel 60 Seconds Polish in Grey Matter....
 H&M Nail Polish in Wawawoom...

 ....and finally Seche Vite.
 First of all paint your nails with a base coat and I am just using a basic grey.

Then, using your tape apply a small strip to the bottom of your nail and curve it around to cover each side of the nail. Using a small bit more tape apply to across the top of the cuticle, this will avoid a huge mess to clean up.

 Taking a glass of water, this glass is just a small one from IKEA. Begin by dropping in a droplet of nail polish straight from the brush into the water. My first nail I am using a black followed by a dot of gold, blue, grey and gold once again. It should create like a ring effect.

 Once you do that, take an orange wood stick and pull the pattern in different directions (right, left, swirls or a simple line as seen below).

 This is the tricky part.... the dip your nail straight into the middle of the design and leave it for a second and then pull your finger back out again. Allow the polish to dry before removing the tape. Apply a topcoat!

Before you begin your next nail you will need to remove the remaining polish from the water. This is very easy, simply put the orange wood stick in the water and twist it around the glass and the polish should just attach to the stick. Then wipe the orange wood stick in a piece of tissue and continue on :)

Every time you do this technique you will get a different pattern, I have taken some pictures of me doing the rest of my hand so you can see the different design. I have followed the same technique but, as the black polish wasn't the greatest I removed it from the design. 

 Once you have completed your hand, remove the tape from each finger once the nail polish is dry.Then taking a cotton bud and some nail polish remover and clean around the edge of the nail.

 And there you have it, beautiful and different nails that are not only super easy to do but also get you loads of'll look a nail genius!
Hope you enjoyed.

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