Monday, January 02, 2012

Winter Ready Lips

Hey Ladies,
During the winter months or even the party season we all like to wear a darker lipstick than normal and combined together with the harsh cold weather and the constant central heating frankly, our lips are in bits. There is nothing worse in my opinion than putting lipstick on a client or yourself with extremely dry lips. It does nothing but show up all the bad areas, not a good look!

This winter my cult product has been Bubblegum lip scrub by Lush. This lip scrub smells absolutely amazing, it smells similar to Snow Fairy body wash. It has a very sweet scent and best of all it is edible so if you happen to be tempted to lick it off, not a problem. This cost around 6euro but it is totally worth the money as it will last for a very very long time.

So how do you use it? Well all you have to do is scoop a little bit out and place on your lips, then either using your finger or a toothbrush gently scrub your lips. That's it! Easy Peasy! It takes you two seconds and it leaves you with perfectly smooth kissable lips that are ready for a red lippie.

Alternatively, you can make your own lip scrub. Just put some sugar in a small big of olive oil and rub across your lips either with your finger or a toothbrush and voila, same effect. I know it may seem gross but olive oil is ridiculously good for your lips, when your lip balm is no longer soothing your chapped lips do this method and then apply a teensy bit more oil onto your lips and they will be super super soft.

Hope you enjoyed!

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