Friday, February 17, 2012

Black Smoky Eye

Hey Ladies,
As a make-up artist you are constantly asked for a smoky eye. But, what is smoky eye? There are many different types of smoky eyes, the one I have done today is the most dramatic. This type of smoky eye can look very harsh and strange if not done right, usually not a look for someone who hasn't worn it before. It is my least favourite type of smoky eye as it can go really well or really bad, and I always wear eye-liner and sometimes it can get lost in the darkness. I advise if you are wearing a look like this to only wear light blush, strong contour and nude lips as the eyes are supposed to be the focal point! You don't want to look like a....excuse me....tranny.

As per usual I will leave all of the products that I used below!

Foundation: Revlon- ColourStay in Ivory
Powder: Essence- Fix and Matte
Concealer: Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection in Fair
Blush: Mac-Peechykeen
Contour: Mac- Harmony

Primer: Mac- Painterly Paint Pot
Lid: Mac- Black Track Fluid Line and Carbon e/s
Crease: Mac- Cork and Brown Down
Brow Bone: Inglot- Matte White and Mac- Phloof
Liquid Liner: Mac-Black Track Fluid Line
Eye Liner: Mac- Smolder
Mascara: Maybelline- Falsies
Brows:  Mac- Brown Down and Carbon

Lipstick: Mac- Up The Amp

Hope you enjoyed!

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