Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cheap As Chips...But It's Crap!

Hey Ladies,
Ever see that product that only costs like 1.50euro and you just get it out of pure impulse. I hate that and it is how I ended up with this gel liner from Pennys/Primark. When I first bought it I was sceptical but, gave it ago and it was drying and irritating on my eyes. This product is okay for someone doing outlandish make-up looks and using it all over the face. But, even at that I would have a fear of breaking a client out in a rash.

This product came out just before Pennys/Primark brought out their Lichtenstein inspired make up range. Ever since, it has just been taking up space in my drawer and gathering dust.

In the bin it went!

Have you ever bought a product like that?

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