Friday, February 17, 2012

Just Hype?

Hey Ladies,
Here is my opinion on a product I regret buying. In my bag I carry a small pouch for emergencies, with items in it such as floss, plasters, hand sanitizer, soap etc.. So when I was in Lush last September I picked up the product Toothy Tab's as they claim to be toothpaste in pill form. Handy! 

So I put them in the pouch and didn't need to use it until recently on a over night stay in my brothers. Let's just say I was not impressed. The idea is that you put the tablet in your mouth, chew and then run your brush under the water and then you can brush to your hearts content. It went a bit more like this..... chew.....spit.....use toothpaste instead. 

I am the type of person that if you give me a mint I will break it up straight away but with Toothy Tabs it was like biting a paracetamol very powdery. Then I had little bits of the tablet floating around and so I started to brush and I didn't feel the bits break down. So I gave it my best go but in the end it still felt like I needed to give my teeth a good brush. 

The main reason I bought this product was because you could choose from different flavours, so I chose another version of minty. But, to be honest I didn't even taste the mint when I used the tab. Maybe my tablets have gone off? I hear you say but when I bought them I asked the sales assistant the best before and she said a year unopened. So its unexplainable to me why there was no flavour as I hadn't opened them or used them previous to this one time.

I don't think Toothy Tabs are for me! What do you think of them?

Note: Please excuse the shoddy photography!

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