Tuesday, February 28, 2012

MAC Haul

Hey Ladies,
Last week I made a trip into MAC in Brown Thomas to pick up some things that I wanted for my freelance kit. Recently, I have been putting together a list of products that I think I need to build a good start up kit for freelancing and I wanted to buy new products to get the ball in motion. I had vouchers for BT's so I thought I would pick up some things that have been on my list for the longest time!

 Firstly I picked up the Pro Long-wear Concealer in NC15. This is the lightest shade that MAC carries, it a great creamy concealer that covers not only blemishes but the deepest of dart circles! Can be used not only as a concealer but also as a foundation as it is much lighter than the other NC15 products from MAC!
Cost: 17.50 

 Next up is the iconic Fix+! I already have the MUFE Setting Spray but I wanted to give this one a go instead to try something different. I also think this gives a great feeling and smell to the skin. My sister always says "why don't I get the same feeling when you do my makeup, when someone in MAC does it? I want the MAC feeling!". Well I think it is all down to the prep and after care and this gives that feeling and helps makeup stay on all day....happy client, happy me. 
Cost: 16.50

 This is a limited edition blush that comes along with the great customer service story. You may have noticed from the first picture this isn't in it's box, why? Because I got it for free. Last Monday I had a job interview and I was a bundle of nerves so I stopped into MAC on the way, I wanted the ombre blushes, which is Vintage Grape and Azalea Blossom. Much to my dismay Azalea blossom was sold out so I decided to settle for Vintage Grape, but the sales assistant just couldn't find it. I was heartbroken. I think the lovely woman (Tara was her name) must have noticed and said "do you want this one?" which I replied "No that it is okay" and she just said "take it, it's free." This truly made my day! This blush does have some damage but I'm certainly not going to argue as I thought that was incredibly kind! 
Cost: Free

 Lastly, I picked up Matte Bronzing Powder. Ever since I went to beauty college I have wanted this as   I always thought it was THE BEST! I obviously was very closed minded about make-up back then, recently I have been trying anything and everything! But, none the less I still wanted it. I already have Harmony in my collection but I needed something that was much darker that would be visible on the girls who liked to wear tan or had naturally dark skin. So far, it has been wonderful and you can notice it much more clearly when you use it on a dark toned client! 
Cost: 23

 Well, there you have it! I know it was only a small haul but, little by little as they say. I have many more hauls for you coming up this week so keep them peepers peeled!


  1. That was so nice of the girl to give you the blush for FREE!! I'd love to know what you think of the Fix+. I have tried elf's version of it but didn't really think much of it x

  2. I know I couldn't believe it! She was super nice :) I will put a post up soon once I have given it a good go! I will also compare it to other ones such as the MUFE spray!