Monday, March 12, 2012

Cheap As Chips Brush Cleaner

Hey Ladies,
In my last post you may have seen that I picked up MAC brush cleaner.... for the steep price of 11quid! I bought this for my professional freelance kit, I only want to use the best products on my clients if they are paying me. But what do I use personally when I'm doing my own make-up? Certainly not the MAC brush cleanser.

Instead, I prefer to pick up a small bottle of surgical spirits in my local pharmacy or Boots. It's cheaper than the MAC Cleanser, and it does just as good a job. For a small bottle of surgical spirits it is 3.14, a total bargain.I then switch it to a much easier to use bottle for ready to go cleaning. The spray bottle you see here I picked up in Boots for around 3quid and it has lasted me ages! Every time I run out of spirits, I buy a new bottle and give the spray bottle a clean, pour the goodness in and your ready to go.

Please note, I do add a tiny bit of water in with my spirits as it sometimes can be very harsh on your brushes! Also, surgical spirits isn't the proper way to wash your brushes, it's only really for on the spot cleaning, brushes harbour bacteria and need to be cleaned after a couple of uses(on yourself that is)... please check out my post on how to wash your makeup brushes here.

What's your favourite brush cleaner?

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