Thursday, March 01, 2012

Melting Lipsticks

Hey Ladies,
A while ago I did a post on how to de pot/de bullet your lipsticks into a container (you can check that out here). This is a really handy trick if your a freelance makeup artist as it cuts down on the amount of product you have to carry and it gives you a better idea of what shades you have in your lipstick. Recently, I have noticed that if your lipstick container gets an accidental bang, the product can move and mark the lip of the container or potentially fall out if you open it up side down. So, I decided I would melt my lipsticks into the container instead.

I will warn you if you have many many lipsticks that you will be sitting with your hand over a candle for a long time! This process is time consuming but in my opinion completely worth it in the end.

So what do we need?

A candle

 Your lipstick, container, spoon and a spatula/butter knife
The lipstick that I will be melting is Cyber

Let's Begin!
 Begin by scooping out your lipstick from the container with your spatula or butter knife and place it on the spoon. 

 Next, hold the spoon over the flame of the candle. Don't have it too close as you don't want the lipstick to boil.  

 Soon you will be able to notice the lipstick beginning to melt.

 You need to wait until the lipstick is completely melted, this is the most tedious part as it takes quite a while for the last chunk of lipstick to break down. 
 Then simply, tilt your spoon to drop the melted lipstick into the container. If the lipstick is uneven in the container simply move it around till you get an even level of lipstick. 
 Using your spatula or butter knife, scrap down the spoon to get all of the lipstick into the don't want to waste any!  
 And there you have it, you can now clean down your spoon with some kitchen towel or toilet paper and you can begin on your next lipstick. 
 I then cleaned around the edge of each square with a disinfectant to get the container ready for my kit. Another good idea would be to create labels for the bottom of the container so you can remember the names of each, especially handy if you want to re-buy the lipstick to refill. 
Please note: Melting the lipsticks over the flame will not damage them or change the consistency, unless you let the product boil on the spoon.

Would you melt your lipsticks?

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