Wednesday, March 07, 2012

My Experience With Minx

Hey Ladies,
With such a wide variety of nail adhesives on the market today, I thought I would do a post on the product that inspired them all.... Minx! Nowadays you can get nail adhesives in any chemist or high street store as over the last couple of months they have become hugely popular. I have tried the cheap essence nail adhesives and didn't find them that great (read that here). My first ever experience with nail adhesives though was when I went to the Canaries in July '10 and decided to treat myself before the trip!

I got Minx nails done in Xtension Angels on St.Mary's Place in Dublin, which I think may have closed since as I am unable to find a website. (UPDATE: I went past yesterday and they seem to be open!) At the time I paid 30-40 euro for my tops and toes to be Minx'd, which in my opinion is a great price because at the time it was one of very few places that did Minx nails. The girls in the shop were lovely and very welcoming. I can't remember the name of the girl who attended to me but she was the only person in the shop that knew how to apply them.

What's the process like? 
The process of putting on the nails is similar to that of what you would do with the DIY adhesive nails except they require a heat lamp. The girl started off by tidying my nails up e.g. filing and pushing back cuticles. Then she sized the templates to each of my nails and set them out. Then she went about applying them by holding the Minx foil under the lamp for a minute and then matching them up to the top of the nail and then applying. Then you had to place your nail under the lamp for a moment so the glue was locked in. To remove the excess and the unnecessary foil, she snipped away the excess and then filed them to match my nail.And that's it! Your beautiful!

The Minx on my finger nails lasted about 10 days before they're was any foil peeling back, which is fantastic as on holiday I was in and out of water and doing something all day everyday. The Minx on my toes lasted for about 3 weeks before I look them off myself as they had grown out.

All in all though, they are completely worth the money in my opinion!

Do you prefer the DIY nail adhesives or the Minx?

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