Thursday, March 01, 2012

Snap Snap!

Hey Ladies,
I know this post isn't beauty related but I just couldn't help myself! Trends as we know come and go and most people usually buy into them. Recently, I have been noticing a lot more that people have started this hype around Lomography cameras. This I don't get, they have been around for about 80 years! The thing that really grinds my gears is when people buy them just because they will look good with one, but don't actually use it.

Rant over.

Happy thoughts...... Here, I present to you my baby. Her name is Dirty Diana and she is a Diana F+ Lomography camera, ye know the ones with film instead of a memory card. This is something I carry around with me all the time, you never know when you might have one of those moments that you want to capture forever. My boyfriend bought this for me in New York in Feb 2011, but they are widely available in all different shapes, colours and styles. Check your local Urban Outfitters for one! I must admit when I do take photos with this camera you get the odd comment like "is that a real camera?" or "where is the screen?".

Ah I just love her so much!

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