Thursday, April 12, 2012

Irish Beauty Show Haul

Hey Ladies,
As I mentioned on the blog before the Irish Beauty Show was on its way around. Well, it has come and gone! I have the teeniest haul for you as I didn't see much that I wanted at the show.

 At one of the stands they were selling this Yes To Cucumber wipes for 2.50, which I thought was a bargain. I also have been avidly trying out different types of wipes to source the best ones for my kit. I have since finished the packet and will be posting a review soon.
 I got these lashes free from a stand after signing up for a competition. They were at a stand that provided permanent lash extension training, which I have been looking into! You can find out more about this on
 Last but certainly not least, I have fulfilled one of my goals...owning some Tweezerman tweezers. Ever since I began having an interest in the beauty industry I have wanted some and now I have them at the fantastic price of 10euro. I know they are the mini version of the tweezers but, size doesn't matter heh? ;)

 I thought I would also include this in today's post, as I arrived home I found that the lovely postman had dropped in my sample of the Garnier BB Cream which you could request from their website. In it comes little pouches of the product for you to try out. I am unsure whether to do a post on this as this product doesn't suit my skin tone, so it wouldn't be a fair trial.

...And that is it! As you can see I didn't buy much but I thought I would share anyhow.

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