Thursday, April 19, 2012

Madame Madeline Haul (Red Cherry)

Hey Ladies,
Being a make-up artist you always have to have the essentials to complete a great look, especially eyelashes. As I am building my kit slowly I wanted to get a whole rang of lashes so I would have variety for my clients. You can find lashes basically anywhere these days but to buy them in bulk costs an arm and a leg, not to mention the quality is not the greatest.

So, I researched places on-line that sell lashes in particular, Red Cherry lashes. If you watch YouTube videos you will have seen all of the big You Tuber's use these lashes, but unfortunately you can only get your hands on these (in-store) if you live in the US. Then, I found the website Madame Madeline that sold a whole range of lashes including Red Cherry! The lashes were such a bargain at $1.99 a lash, they;'re great quality and there is a huge range to choose from.

I bought 14 pairs of lashes and it only cost me $27.86 (I googled coupon codes and found one for 10% off). Which when you convert it into euro it is a reasonable price. It cost me that bit more than I expected for shipping as I had never used this service before so, I bought the insured shipping for $20. In total my order was  $45 which is 35 euro! Next time I order I will use the normal shipping and it will be even less costly.

I placed my order on the 12th of March and received it on the 26th which was great!

I really recommend checking out the Madame Madeline site (here) if you are interested in buying lashes!

Here is all of the lashes I bought....

No: 5

No: 43

No: 48

No: 102

No: 106

No: 110


No: 217

No: 523

No: 600

No: 747U

No: DW

 Extra Flare Short Black Individuals

Extra Flare Medium Black Individuals 

What are your favourite sites to order from?



  1. Brilliant deal will definitely be checking it out :)

  2. Isn't it just? Definitely check it out and make sure to Google active coupon codes to get a cheaper discount!