Monday, April 23, 2012

Review: Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara

Hey Ladies,
A couple of weeks ago I picked up a mascara from the super cheap and fantastic brand Essence called Maximum Definition Volume Mascara. The mascara only cost around 3.50 which is an absolute bargain and is widely available across the country. I felt like it was time to try a new mascara and most of my other ones had either past their usable date (hygiene!) and had dried up.

Firstly lets have a look at the packaging and the wand....

The wand is made from a rubber material so it is very flexible and slender which means it can get into the root of the lash and more importantly it gets those hard to reach stragglers.

Here is my lashes without mascara......

Here is with the Essence mascara......


The verdict:
As you can see the lashes have been not only lengthened but also separated without clumps. Let's face it no one likes spidery clumpy eye lashes! I think for only 3.50 this mascara is fantastic and is up there with the likes of Lancome and Chanel. If you are a make-up artist this is fantastic for a kit, as you can throw it away before the product has dried up or just to be hygienic and purchase a new one without breaking the bank. What about flaking I hear you ask? I have put this product to the test and there is minimal flaky-ness and there is no sign of product transfer to under the brow. The removal of this mascara is also quite good, there is no need for scrubbing just simply wipe away with some eye make-up remover. It is also suitable for contact myself!

And there you have it!

Hope you enjoyed!

*The first two images were found on Google as I have no camera or photos of the mascara. Credits to:


  1. is it smudge when the mascara got contact with water?

    1. To be honest I have never tried but when I am washing my face at night it needs a good eye makeup remover so I'd say it would be similar for water.