Monday, April 16, 2012

Sally Hansen Nail Stickers!

Hey Ladies,
Today I have a product for you that I have been wanting to try for ages! If you have read my posts about my experience with Minx and the Essence Nail Stickers, you will know that I am a big fan of easy achievable nail looks. I have been keeping my eyes peeled for this product as soon as I heard it was coming to Ireland.

When I first spotted the strips in my local chemist they were selling them for around 8euro which I really couldn't justify. They also only had two packets left, where were a glitter and a hounds tooth pattern which I am not really that into. So I held out, I waited until I could see a good range of the designs and most importantly waited till the prices went down.

I heard on Twitter that they had began selling them in Penny's/Primark and I immediately made a trip into town to get them. No luck. A couple of weeks passed and I had forgotten about them to be honest. But, when I went out to lunch with my friends I spotted them in the Penny's in Swords. They were a bargain at the price of 5.50euro, an offer which I couldn't resist.


The application of these strips is super easy, you simply peel off the back then line them up with your nails, apply and then file away the excess at the end of the nail. I then applied a top coat to prevent peeling. It really couldn't be simpler. These lasted about a week before there was any chipping or peeling, which is excellent. Although, when I did remove them there was a little bit of the glue left on my nail, which takes a couple of days for it to come off.

But, honestly these strips are by far my favourite. I will be re-buying these for any upcoming events!

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. They look fab:) Sally Hansan has such a great range of colours and patterns <3

  2. Thank you! I know but they are so hard to get though!