Monday, April 30, 2012

Thick Liner & Lavender!

Hey Ladies,
Last week I was flicking through my collection and I noticed one of my lipsticks Up The Amp by MAC, was missing...Shock Horror! With a quick rummage through my sister's make up bag, my fav lipper was recovered. Typical!

As this lipstick is quite bright for my skin tone I don't like to do too much of a dramatic eye look. So I settled for slightly thicker eye liner, similar to that of the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn. That has been my inspirational look over the last two week and I have just been wearing a simple eye and lip combo with minimal cheek colour but with thick liner as you can see by the second look below!

 The second look which is really simple with minimal colour but a thick liner is very Audrey! It's not only quick and simply but can be worn for work or play.

My make-up in these photos is the usual deal with the exception of Up The Amp lipstick by MAC

Hope you like!

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  1. Your hair is so cute!!

    Love it!!
    have a look at my blog if you have time hun!!
    ta your newest follower xD xx

  2. Awh thank you! I'm trying to grow it out :)

    I'll have a looksie :) x