Monday, April 16, 2012

A Weird Obsession!

Hi Everyone, My name is Susan and I am a hoarder. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend, today I have a confession to make and I hope I am not the only person that does this. I am a packaging hoarder. Once I buy a good quality product from the likes of MAC or Chanel for example, I cannot justify throwing the packaging away. It is really stupid because I don't have any uses for the packaging or any great ideas on what to do with it, I just like to have it. 

Since taking these photos two weeks ago I have parted with these treasures and sent them to the great recycling centre in the sky! I ripped away any attachment to them so I could create room in my beauty storage area for more wonderful products. Although it was quite hard as I have been adding to the heap since (around) 2008. 

Please tell me I am not alone in my hoarding ways.....



  1. I do the exact same thing.... My boyfriend thinks im mental! x

  2. I am not alone! YAY!

    I think you're dead right for keeping it! I don't have space unfortunately!