Monday, May 28, 2012

Bracelet Must Haves!

Hey Ladies,
I admittedly must tell you that I am not a jewelry kinda girl, I only ever wear some "bling bling"  when I want to get really dressed up. But lately I have been loving wearing three staple bracelets that pretty much go with anything I wear.

The first bracelet is a black stretch stud inspired piece that I have had my eye on for a while. I got it in Forever 21 for the bargain price of €5.90, I thought I would finally make it mine when I went to my first ever PR event. It's nice to treat yourself heh?

Next in line is a Thomas Sabo bracelet. My sister started a trend in my family when she bought one for herself and my sister eile. I was feeling a bit left out so I bought one for myself and my mother.....the trend didn't stop there. I then bought one for my two nieces and my (other mother) Marian. So basically all the girls in my family now have one, kinda like a tradition. The bracelets costs around €23 and is available from any Thomas Sabo stand. This bracelet is very small so if you have a larger wrist you may have to go a size up which is more expensive.

The last piece is familiar bracelet to the blog as you may have seen it in my River Island post! It was €4 and you can read about that one here!

What's your must have bracelets that you never take off?

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