Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How To: Basic Smoky Eye

Hey Ladies,
Sometimes in my posts I'm wearing a look which is entitled my usual smoky eye that I wear day to day. It is very rare that I shy away from this look as it goes with everything I wear and is flattering to my face. Today, I would like to show you how I achieve that look, step by step.

Let's begin...

Start off by applying a primer or a paint pot to prevent the eye shadows from creasing and give them more longevity. I used MAC "Painterly" paint pot. Apply from the lashes up to the brow bone.
 Next, apply a light tone brown to the lid using a flat brush. I used MAC "Cork" for this.
 Continue with the light toned brown by applying it to a fluffy brush and applying it into the crease, blending it out and upwards as you work. Then take a clean fluffy brush and blend out the edges, we don't like harsh edges. 
 Taking a darker toned brown apply it to the very outer crease and working your way inwards with the same blending brush that you used to apply the "Cork". The dark brown I used was "Brown Down" by MAC.
 Using a completely different blending brush than before (making sure its clean) apply a highlight colour under the brow bone (just under your eye brow where you would pluck hairs) and into the inner corner of the eye. 
Then taking a pencil brush I lightly work "Cork" and "Brown Down" into my lower lash line to create a smoky effect. 

 Before I do my eye liner I like to do my brows so I know which direction to place my flick. Begin by brushing out the brow with a spooly (or a clean mascara wand).

 Taking "Brown Down" and "Carbon" from MAC begin filling in your brows following in their natural direction. Add some length on like I have if you need to. Then I like to set my brows with a clear mascara so they don't become straggly during the day. 

 Liner.... since it is a day look I decided to skip the gel liner and use an eye shadow instead. Using MAC "Carbon" from earlier I draw a small line out from my lower lash line towards the end of my eyebrow using an angled brush. I then draw back on myself creating a small triangle, line the rest of your lash line and your good!

 Finally, apply your mascara of choice. I have been loving the Avon "Super Extreme" mascara in black and then you are completely done with the eyes. Finish off the rest of your face and set it with a setting spray and your ready for anything the day might throw at ya! 

 Don't mind the that I pointed it out your all gonna be looking.

 .....while I was doing my make-up this messer was trying to steal everything. 
Hopefully you got some tips for doing a smoky eye!

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