Monday, May 28, 2012

Lilac Lovin'

Hey Ladies,
As of late I really haven't been buying many nail polishes, I have re-arranged my makeup storage so I don't have much space to expand in that area. But, last week when I walked my niece over to the local shopping centre to get her asleep as per usual I ended up at the Rimmel stand in the pharmacy. I really wasn't intending on buying anything but when I saw this polish I just had to buy it!

The name of the polish is "How Do You Lilac It?" and it is the most subtle, pastel gorgeous shape that would suit anyone. So far, after a 4 day wearing period there is minimal chipping compared to some of my other polish and it has gotten me tons of compliments. My favourite thing about this polish is that it comes from the 60 Seconds line, which means it has a super fast drying time and it has that really handy brush which makes painting your nails the simplest of tasks. Its is quite sheer when applying so I did 2 coats to get the colour to really show through, then added a top coat. 

This polish is €4.95 and is available from most pharmacies.


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