Wednesday, May 16, 2012

River Island Jewellery

Hey Ladies,
I'd like to begin this post by saying right off the bat that I am not much of a jewellery wearer. I never remember to put it on in the morning unless it is something I'm really excited to wear. Apart from my two earrings at the top of my ear that I never remove and my ring from my boyfriend, I don't really ever put anything else on.

But, over the last couple of months as I have become progressively more interested in fashion and style blogs, I find myself wanting to wear more jewellery. You may have seen my post about the LLYMLRS rings that I ordered and the Instagram posts about my purchases, I've gone a bit mad.

Whenever I buy jewellery I always take the price into serious consideration which means I don't usually buy much as I see it as a waste. But, lately I have been loving the jewellery from River Island. Not only is it affordable, right on trend but it is longer lasting than most high-street jewellery. I picked up these pieces of the last week and I intend on buying more, no longer will I be buying jewellery from Penny's!

Firstly I bought these little cupcake earrings for the bargain price of 2euro! I bought a pair for myself and some for my 5year old niece Jodie. I know she is going to love this and I cannot wait to wear mine!

 Next up I bought this skull bracelet. In the picture it looks quite big but it is actually really cute and dainty. Last year I bought my boyfriend an Alexander McQueen ring which is very similar to this, I thought it would be cute if we matched. Plus I find this such an easy wearable piece for someone who doesn't wear much jewellery. At a price of 4euro you would be mad not too! 

 Lastly are these gorgeous earrings. Rose gold has been sweeping the nation and blogs like no ones business, it is quickly becoming the bloggers metal of choice. So I thought I would hop on the band wagon with these skulls, they are the perfect size for an earring as they hang just a teensy bit off your ear and are really flattering. Realistically you can wear these with anything or on their own! One day I'll buy the Michael Kors watch to match except the price tag for these is 5euro in comparison, bit of a budget comparison.

Check out your local River Island for these goodies, I bought them quite recently so they will be easy to find.


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