Monday, May 21, 2012

Sure Maximum Protection: No More Sweaty Betty

Hey Ladies,
So since today is the first day that Ireland has seen a glimpse of sun in a long time I thought today's post should be on the topic of deodorants. One deodorant in particular, Sure Maximum Protection. Last week I was contacted by the lovely Sarah in Thinkhouse PR,  who invited me to come along to a Zumba class and try out the new deodorant that challenges you to wear grey and be confident (eeep).

The deodorant is a twist up cream that comes in three options which are normal, confidence or sensitive.It has a light barely there fragrance of floral which is right up my street. In all honesty I don't like using roll on deodorant because I don't think they give you the same effect as spray deodorant, mainly because nine times out of ten they do not have a fragrance. The product also claims to reduce underarm wetness, which sounds like its fool proof. The idea is that you apply it after a shower just before bed, overnight it sinks in and protects you from sweat through out the day.

So with my deodorant and grey tshirt in hand off I went to the Zumba class with 15 other media reps and bloggers to stomp away, quite nervously I might add. Kicks, lunges and squats got the sweat pumping in no time and any traces would be shown up quite clearly in my tshirt. With the crack that was had, all the giggles and funny moves I found my self sweaty but not wet or stinky. Fantastic! Unfortunately I couldnt take pictures of my fantastic Zumba dance moves, i'll leave that to your imagination.

After then we headed out to lunch in the fab Koh resturant in Dublin. A quick change got me out of my gym clothes and into my outfut for the rest of the day (I had places to go and people to see). Although I just had a hardcore Zumba class I felt as if I was fresh out of the shower and smelling great. .m Sure Maximum Protection actually works (hurrah!).

It's cost? €6.87 and it is available from most retailers. This is a perfect deodorant for anyone who always has a busy schedule. I have been wearing this since Friday and so far I haven't a bad thing to say.

I hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. Great post Susan and lovely to meet you at the event!

  2. Lovely to meet you too! Hopefully we will see one and other at another event! :)