Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Candy Mani

Hey Ladies,
We all love a good nail tutorial and sometimes we see things on the internet and we are like "I HAVE TO HAVE THAT". One of those thing is the new craze of Caviar nails and in my opinion they are absolutely amazing but far too expensive for my budget so I tried the do-it-yourself way instead. It's the easiest way of getting the must have nails for much less effort and most importantly much less money!

Simply go to your local supermarket and raid the baking section for hundreds and thousands (the little balls you put on top of cupcakes). Then, paint your nails, I used Rimmel "How Do You Lilac It?" and whilst still wet dip your nail into a small plate of the hundreds and thousands. Press on the balls (teehee) to make sure they are firmly in place and remove any from the surrounding area that do not fit. Lastly, apply a top coat and your good to go!

I would recommend that you only wear these nails for a special event as they can become annoying or if some fall off you ruin the effect.

Hope you are going to try this out!

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