Friday, June 29, 2012

Comes From A Land Down Under!

Hey Ladies,
A brand that I have wanted to try for quite some time now is Glamour Doll Eyes. I am not the biggest online shopper so I never worked my self up to ordering any of their products but on Facebook a couple of weeks ago the Glamour Doll Eyes company posted that a lovely lady from Australia recieved her easter order but didn't think the shadows suited her so she wanted to give them to someone who would like them. I wrote to Abbie telling her how I would love the eyeshadows, low and behold out of 27 people I was the one she chose to send them to. I couldn't believe how someone could be so kind! The eye shadows are a baby pink (April 8th) and a baby blue (Egg Hunt) which both have a gorgeous shimmer to them. The blue will go perfectly with the Inglot pallette that I bought at Christmas as the colours are so bright that the glitter will be the perfect addition. The pink is just gorgeous! Its such a soft colour that you could use it on its own or as a highlighter in the inner corner or on the cheeks mixed in with a pink blush. Glamour Doll Eyes are a very anti animal cruelty brand so all of their products are made from only minerals and some of them are vegan! These full jars cost around $6 just incase you were wondering.

These eyeshadows are gonna get great use in my collection and you never know I may even post a look using them over the next couple of days!

Thank you Abbie for being so kind!

Check out the Glamour Doll Eyes website here

Hope you enjoyed and have a fantastic weekend!

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