Sunday, June 24, 2012

"The Five Year Engagement"

Hey Ladies, 
As you may have seen in my last post I mentioned that I have been on some sort of a winning streak, well another thing I won was two tickets to an advanced screening of "The Five Year Engagement" from! The film if you haven't seen it yet is hilariously funny with big laughs and little bit of heartache, this is definitely one of my new "girls night in" films. Myself and the boyfriend headed along and we were met at the door by a lovely woman handing out goody bags, I thought I would share this post because in the goody bags were some really useful information if you were engaged and planning a wedding. It sounds like I am trying to drop a hint but I assure you that I am not! 

Check out the trailer for "The Five Year Engagement"...

In the goody bag there was a copy of the "Rules Of Engagement" a must have book, a nifty bag holder for when you are sitting at a table, a packet of wedding tissues (they came in handy during the film as I was laughing so hard!) and oodles of pamphlets on wedding singers/photographers etc. The thing that stood out most to me was the Weddings Online "wedding guide" that gives you a check list of what you need to do/organise for a fantastic wedding. It has months segments in it that gives you direction on what you should be doing from month to month. If you want one of pamphlets I'm sure will send you one no problem. Or you could simply check out their website for all the tips and tricks you need to know about planning the perfect wedding, the website is (obvs). 


Hope you enjoyed!

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