Friday, June 22, 2012

How To: 50's/ Vintage Inspired Make Up

Hey Ladies,
Today I have another "how to" for you, this time round we are taking it back a couple of years to the 1950's when eyeliner and red lippie were all the rage! Lately, there has been alot of vintage clothes and accessories floating about the shops and in the press. But, to pull off the clothes you need to have the look!

Let's begin....

Start off by applying a primer or a paint pot to prevent the eye shadows from creasing and give them more longevity. I used MAC "Painterly" paint pot. Apply from the lashes up to the brow bone.
 Next apply a matte white eye shadow all over the lid and up to the brow bone.
 Apply a light tone brown to the moving lid using a flat brush, I used MAC "Cork". Then using a blending brush bring it up into the crease. Taking a clean fluffy brush blend out any harsh edges that are visible.
 Then taking a darker tone brown such as "Brown Down" from MAC, apply with the same blending brush to the outer corner and the crease to give the eye definition.
 Using a clean mascara wand or a spooly comb out your eyebrows in the direction of growth to create the shape in which you want to fill.

 Taking "Brown Down" and "Carbon" from MAC together on an angled brush fill in you eyebrows. Begin by drawing a line on the underside of the brow to give it structure. Then following the natural shape fill in any spare areas and create length to the end if you have to. 

 The next step is to take a pencil brush and "Brown Down" once again and smudge along the lower lash line, paying special attention to the outer corners. 

Set the brows using a clear mascara or wax. 
Highlighting is a very important part of this look, we use highlighting to give us that high arched brow and "always in the spotlight" effect. Taking a clean fluffy brush and "Phloof!" from MAC, dust it under the arch of the brow and in the inner corner of the eye.

 Now for the eye liner... the tricky bit for most. Taking your brush of choice, I use a small paint brush, load it up with gel eye liner.
 Start off by making a small line from the corner of your upper lash line, in the direction of your brow.
Then draw that line back on itself and inwards, this creates the flick.
 Simply fill in the line by drawing towards the inner corner, making the line smaller as you go.

 Slap on a bit of mascara to the upper and lower lash lines, pulling them in the direction of the flick gives them a more cat eye effect. The eyes are done!

 Now focusing on the red lips, the signature of the 1950's. Begin by drawing the outline of your lips with a red lip liner. 

 Then using a brush, I like to use an angled one to get a most crisp line, begin applying your red lipstick. I chose "Russian Red" by MAC

 Clean up the edges of the lips with a concealer to give a super sharp line.

 And your done, here is the completed look!

I hope you enjoyed and find this useful!


  1. That was really helpful I always have trouble with applying eyeliner, I always start from the inside and work out but I'm going to try starting with the flick first!

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment! I know how you feel I did that for years and ended up with wonky liner. But once you try it this way you will find it so much easier!

    Have a great weekend :)

  3. I love this look! Your very skilled when it comes to eyeliner. Mine always ends up wonky!

    1. Thank you! For years I got it wrong and now I'm getting it right! Practice makes perfect :)