Friday, June 22, 2012

Scruffy Chops!

Hey Ladies,
I saw a tweet on Twitter (obvs) the other day from a lovely lady named Kelly. She was looking for people to review her product called "Scruffy Chops". Immediately I jumped at the chance because my dog, Realtine was in need of a good scrub and I thought why not?

Meet Realtine...

Admittedly I never ever ever buy shampoo specially  from dogs, I just use what ever shampoo that I am using at the time which is really bad as I should be buying specific shampoo but I don't. Realtine is more of a house dog as she rarely goes anywhere that would make her really dirty and in need of a specific shampoo. "Scruffy Chops" was a brand created with the opposite in mind, it's for dogs and created by dog lovers. It's cruelty free, organic and contains nothing but good stuff for your pooch. The ingredients list is impressive as it has Dead Sea minerals, oatmeal, aloe vera, Pro vitamin B5, vitamin E and a slight fragrance. The smell of the shampoo definitely is one of the best parts for me, which a variety of smells such as rhubarb and custard, pink grapefruit and brown sugar its a sure thing your dog will be in shampoo-ey heaven. It couldn't get any better could it? Oh it could. Scruffy Chops also carries a doggy conditioner called "Muddy Marvellous" that smells absolutely DIVINE
 How they came packaged....
Cute cards with info on the products! (AWH!)

 The product...
 She thinks it also tastes yummy!
 Scruba Dub Dub!
 Her golden tresses gleaming and smelling fabulous!

 Ready for a nap with Mr.Bearington

The results? I must say there was a big difference in Realtine's coat and even her attitude after her bath was different. You see usually after a bath she walks off in a strop and doesn't come to me for a cuddle for about two days, but this time she was full of beans and ready for a play. She even let me brush her, which she doesn't usually let me. Her coat was a lot softer, shinier and there was far less knots that before. Everyone that has seen her since has been commenting on how good she smells! 

For a 250ml pouch of shampoo it is £8.50, which is a bargain considering how much product you get and you can choose from three different scents. The conditioner for also comes in a 250ml pouch and costs £9.99

Check out the Scruffy Chops website here for more details. 

I know today's post is a little bit different but I hope you enjoyed it!

What do think of Realtine's cool collar that I got from a little stall at the market in Feurtaventura? 

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