Monday, July 02, 2012

The Dove "By You" Exhibition

Hey Ladies,
I have a bit of a different post for you today. Recently I was contacted to be a part of the Dove "By You" exhibition on Facebook. What is that I hear you say? Well it's a chance for you to get creative and show the world what Dove means to you by creating an image within the iconic Dove logo. The first 100 entrys will recieve postcards with their image printed on it to share with their friends and EVERYONE who enters will recieve a fantastic Dove hamper! Ooooohhh you lucky ducks.

The image can be of anything, you don't have to be super techinical and it doesn't have to be perfect just let the creative juices flow and show how you feel about Dove. I'm not the techi type so I made my image with pictures and paper! My image is described as collage of photos of my mother and I. What does Dove mean to me? Since I was a little girl my mother has always told me that the secret to beautiful skin is simply using soap and water, ever since then that is all I use on my skin. My mother passed on her beauty secret to me which is something she has stood by for the last 60 years. Dove to me is the connection between me and my mother which is something that (in later life) I will pass on to my children.

How do you do it? Log onto Facebook or follow this link. Download the design tool and get creative. When your done simply upload your image and let the world see what Dove means to you! The deadline for entries is in two weeks, so if you are interested make sure you enter before it closes.

This is my design...
Hope you will join me in the exhibition!

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