Monday, July 09, 2012

Honey, I shrunk the fruit salad.

Hey Ladies,

As we all know I am a total nail junkie and love trying out different nail effects on myself. The best place to find inspiration is blogs and you have an endless information on where to get the tools used and the newest craze. A while back I saw posts on various blogs about the new Essence Fruity collection that wasn't coming out for a couple of weeks and the main thing that caught my eye was the 3D nail fruits. So I eagerly awaited on this collection checking my local Essence stand every week until I got my hands on it. The little fruits cost  around €3 and will last you for ages if you only use them as accent nails. They come with a glue to apply them with which is super handy although I used some nail glue as I had misplaced mine! I applied mine with nail glue on top of a base coat of my favourite lilac polish and then sealed it in with a top coat.

I've had these on for a week already and they are still in perfect condition! If you see these on your local Essence stand definitely pick them up as you won't be disappointed.


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