Thursday, July 05, 2012

How To: Easy Smokey Eye Using MAC Club Eyeshadow

Hey Ladies,
Today is another "How To" but with a twist. We all have an eyeshadow that sits in the drawer and never gets used because it doesn't suit you or you don't know how to use it. For me MAC "Club" is that eye shadow as I bought it around a year and half ago and have barely used it since. But I hate to see it go unused so I forced myself to use it and now it is one of my go to eyeshadow looks as it only takes five minutes to do a smokey look and very little effort.

Let's begin....

Start off by applying a primer or a paint pot to prevent the eye shadows from creasing and give them more longevity. I used MAC "Painterly" paint pot. Apply from the lashes up to the brow bone.
Next apply a matte white eye shadow all over the lid and up to the brow bone.  Apply a light tone brown to the moving lid using a flat brush, I used MAC "Cork". Then using a blending brush bring it up into the crease. Taking a clean fluffy brush blend out any harsh edges that are visible.
Taking MAC "Club" on a flat eye shadow brush apply on the lid.
Then using the same brush used to blend out MAC "Cork", blend out the edges of the shadow.
Reapply the eye shadow with the flat brush and blend out once more.

To create the sharp edge to the look, take a concealer brush and your concealer. Place the brush at the corner of the lash line and pull upwards towards the brow, removing any eyeshadow. This will create a sharp edge. If you aren't the greatest at shaping your eyeshadow this trick comes in really handy as it eliminates all the blending/clean up and gives that sleek professional look. It also gives the eye a really great shape.

Then make sure the concealer is blended down to match in with the rest of the face.
Taking a clean eye shadow brush, reapply your matte white eye shadow to increase the pigmentation.
Taking a clean fluffy brush and "Phloof!" from MAC, dust it under the arch of the brow and in the inner corner of the eye.

Next taking a pencil brush and MAC "Cork" run along the lash line, I like to focus it mostly on the outer corner to give the wide eye look. Blend this out to give the really smoky eye effect.

The next step is brows, taking "Brown Down" and "Carbon" from MAC together on an angled brush fill in you eyebrows. Begin by drawing a line on the underside of the brow to give it structure. Then following the natural shape fill in any sparse areas and create length to the end if you have to.

Set the eyebrows with a clear mascara or a wax so they stay in place for the day!

Instead of using a gel liner for this look I have decided to use a shadow liner instead. Dampen your angled brush in some water and apply your eye shadow making sure that you leave the bristles in a sharp point to get the perfect liner look.

As always begin your liner on the outer corner by drawing a line outwards, then simply draw back on yourself and into the tear duct. Depending on the thickness of liner want keep the brush damp and sharp.

Add some mascara, cheeks and lipper and your done! I didn't take a picture of me applying mascara as I had to put in my contacts first and that usually takes me a while!

For my lips I used MAC "Soar" lip pencil with some rose Vaseline on top. My cheeks are Nars "Orgasm" applied really lightly to keep the focus on the eyes! 

In natural light...

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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